• a dream made flesh …


    Oh so many moons ago I came out and spoke of a dream It felt risky, it felt like I had just opened my belly, my heart and spilled it all out … I wobbled and teetered on the edges of its reality and then waited for its time to come, all the while writing, writing, designing, dreaming and longing. Longing for someone to play with, to create with and birth it into the world.

    … I felt like a Princess kissing Frogs looking for someone as passionate about Flinging The Doors Wide on Secret Dreams as I was. AND without telling too many tales, I kissed a few frogs along the way! I watched Frogs in other countries turn into Princes (Squam, Be Present,) and became more inspired to Create something here on our Back Door.

    I can’t even remembering *kissing* Leonie. There had been a feel from the first time we met way back then … we would be doing “Something” together one day. Over breakfast one morning, we began … I wobbled and thought F**k this is BIG! This is soaring to the moon and back, this is more than Rocket Science, this is the Stuff that Changes Lives. She said YES, I said YES … We all said YES and the Men, bless them said Go for It, we are with YOU … the rest is history.

    Then we asked the gloriously Talented Katherine Quinn from Sleep and Her Sisters to run one of the workshop days. Fortunately this also is her Year of Saying YES … I feel so lucky to have her on board … I have long been a fan of her ethereally whimsical Girls. If you have not met her yet, wander over and get a taste for what you will experience in her workshop.

    SO … Welcome to NZ Creative Retreats … a Dream Made Flesh … A place beyond Never, Never … a thought dissolved, to what Leonie and I believe –

    We believe there is a place within each of us that is inherently creative.

    For some, finding the path to this place is as easy as breath.
    For others, it is a dream, a hope, a longing… a desire to find the way, or the way back to a more creative life.

    This is Your personal invite to join us … its a public one I know … But your company is most welcome. And one thing I have learnt along the way is That it takes a community to grow a community …(did I mention that’s one of my other passions, growing creative communities)

    I would love it if you could spread our dream to the next person.




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  1. Zura Beth says:

    Oh Carol, I am so happy that your dream has come true!! I shared on FB, and Im putting your badge on my blog. Please let me know how I can help, okay? Wishing you the best of fun in this new venture.