centering into silence

This week we are off to the fields of silence within, creating a writing room you can visit time and again. With the whizzy whoop de do of technology I have created a Meditation mp3. The practice of silence asks of us a ritual. One that is repeated each time we stop to lean into its embrace. Lighting the same candle, being in the same room, burning the same incense, listening to the same music.
We create an intent, a pathway to a reunion if you like, with your soul. A pathway that the mind follows passively, like a child whose curiosity is sated. By creating a sameness for your writing and meditation it becomes easy to glide lightly to your creative communion.
So sit in the same place (cushion, chair, lying on the floor, it can vary), in the same room and signal to your body and mind that this is it. We are ready to journey now, ready to embrace silence, and write. Count your breaths on the exhale, let the wandering mind go, always come back to the breath … One, two, “wonder what is for dinner” … ahhh, one, two, three ” Am I ever going to get to five” …one, two, three … to five …  this takes practice. Do not give up, keep going til eventually you are being breathed and your wandering thoughts dissolve to the background and you are still. I suggest you work with this for fifteen minutes each day.
AND here is the promised Centering to Silence meditation {just click the link and it will download to your desktop} – Prepare your room, light your candle, you will need your journal and pen and let your family know this is your time now, your retreat into SILENCE ….

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