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  1. Dear Carol, I did something very similar two weeks ago. I’ve been thinking to myself about writing a blog post about it, too.

    Unsubscribing is a liberating thing. I unsubscribe several times a year to unload the email I’m really not reading and not receiving any value by receiving. A few weeks ago, it was junk mail. Give your name to one wrong place, and they act as if you subscribed to 200 other offers. :) Even though my mail filters a lot of junk, it does not filter all of it! I do this several times a year, as well.

    Take care, I enjoyed your softer and more visionary approach very much. Thanks for sharing your post.

    • carol says:

      Thanks Michelle for taking some time to comment … I feel more spacious without all the external clamour that my needy girl thought I needed to know about! I love learning, so all the mailing lists were manna to my inquiring mind, til they began to over run my own knowledge … !

  2. Karla says:

    This is beatiful the inspiring of the mind thaqt makes me look inside myself of what I want the changes that I am making and the changes that I want to change the invitation to that is sooo much more accecpting now with having opening myself my inner self to me being true love hearing others as well awdome thanks Carol

  3. Tricia says:

    must be something in the air… I’ve just have a good clean out of my emails lists I signed up for… feels good…:)

    • carol says:

      You too huh …
      It feels very zen round here. And I am back to my own creative space …