can you map your body?

“If I have an intent, it is to open up a crease in language and look at what cannot be articulated – the phenomena of consciousness, the enigma and riddles of selfhood, the moments of sexuality and emotionality” – Helen Chadwick

Taking the viewpoint of a cartographer, I am mapping feminine space using my body as a panoramic landscape……..

Each symbol, icon and image is made visible through an alchemy of emotional dualities, filtered identities and distorted beliefs. Each placed either deliberately or through unconscious communication with the body as it re-experiences the events, past or present. There are exorcisms of dreams, notations and poetry, influences of the external on an inner world, now made visible.

It is the landscape of a beloved, a dwelling, a home for a woman who has nothing to hide.

Can you map your body?

Can you willingly write about her as if she is your beloved?

Will you find all the hidden, abandoned hollows of her being and breathe lovingly into the long neglected spaces?

Can you bring her home?